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Triumph SPRINT ST 2006


27 May 2007

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Ex demo with all the extras - a dream bike to ride

Mods: Screen, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 2 (33 ratings)

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Sprint ST

Well, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. I have just returned from a 3350 mile round trip of France, Spain and Gibraltar over 12 days without a single problem, including lack of backache, bumache or wristache. A fantastic ride, she performed beautifully with the only snag being the Datatool alarm arming itself in Madrid due to frequency interference. Not a misfire, not a single snagette in all those miles through torrential rain in France and extreme 38 deg C + in Spain. Got to brace myself for the 12K service cost now though. Still I'll pay it with a forced smile in the knowledge that this is a wonderful bike that is worth looking after.

10 August 2007 13:02



Sprint St

Had my 05 ST since last April. Have done about 12K miles. Needed both wheels replacing as the powder coating was flaking and a plastic pannel below the saddle cracked. Both jobs done via Triumph agent with no quibble. 12K service cost an eye watering £445! No engine trouble and it survived torrential rain for 400 miles in France. Now out of warranty so the Triumph dealer will have to re-think £50 ph labour costs. BUT I SMILE WHEN I RIDE IT

11 July 2007 17:21


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Triumph Sprint ST 1050

Great bike. I've heard a few lads moaning about reliability and build quality which is sad to hear. Since March Me and the wife have done complete coastal tours of Scotland Ireland and Wales as well as Norfolk without so much as a misfire. Believe me any bike that can survive those types of roads with full luggage two up must be up to scratch.

31 May 2007 22:09