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Yamaha XT350 1980

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19 June 2007

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Okay, it's an XT250, but that's not listed on our site! Completely standard, done 3227 miles from new. Slow as hell, sounds like a cement mixer but I absolutely love it!


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Average rating: rating is 4 (18 ratings)

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XT 350 or XT250?

Which is it?

I own a 81 sr250 they share same engine i believe.


05 March 2009 20:02


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Not seen an old XT for a while; don't think I've ever seen a 250. i agree eith you in as much as the odd old bikes are so loveable! A few years ago, when I had a Bandit 12, I also had a Yam RXS100 to run around on - it only did 60mph; it had about 10bhp; drum brakes; it slowed down with any gentle breeze or slight incline, but I loved it!

20 June 2007 17:46


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Anyone else got one of these?

It feels like the 250 is a bit missing from the clubs, anyone else got one so we can share experiences and tips? Like, where do i get some original handlebars from as mine are bent and i don't want to ruin the classic look by putting Renthals on it!

19 June 2007 16:26