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Honda X11 1999


19 June 2007

Average rating: rating is 3.5

  • 8 ratings
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Beautiful, Powerful, Comfortable

Mods: Bodywork, Crash protectors, Screen

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (8 ratings)

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Crackin bike, looks big and heavy but weight only noticable when trying to u-turn, turns into corners quickly and feels a lot smaller on the move. lovely engine but really should have been left with the sixth gear, although it could just be me wishing for one as i am not used to the bike revving so high in top but then again it really is handy using the torque and not having to click between gears so much when playing through the corners or up and down hills so i suppose the trade off in motorway riding is easier rideability through the fast and fun runs... love this bike and comes with honda's usual reliability built in... test ride one you may like it... I do.

05 July 2007 22:42

rotten leather

rotten leathersays


this bike is a total maniac but the honda paint job is dire. mine is customized with the evil kneivel art and gold wheels. park up stand back and watch a crowd gather!

21 June 2007 20:22