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Honda F6C 1999


08 August 2007

Average rating: rating is 3.5

  • 1215 ratings
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Honda Valkyrie with custom rainbow flake paint, dragon murals and maxed out with chrome. Ride the Dragon!!!

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Exhaust, Footrests, Lights, Paintwork/cosmetics, Polishing/plating, Rear suspension, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (1215 ratings)

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Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays

what's going on now?

It's now past the deadline for submitting votes, yet it is still possible to vote - at least on this forum it seems. I don't know if MCN will exclude votes logged after the 21st, but there's no indication or evidence they're going to. Given voting still seems possible, isn't it just more work for MCN to have to count off votes posted after close of play on the 21st? My guess would be the votes cast will stand until MCN stop the actual voting facility, which is contravening the written rules. MCN seem to be playing this competition by ear and I'd assume they'll select the final 12 with similar attitude. Given the recent TV voting and phone in scandals that have been exposed, never mind the truth about the Blue Peter dog, the management behind this competition sure does seem somewhat absent. Maybe someone should have the competitions governing body take a look. I'm convinced this competition has been pretty unfriendly and unfair, and MCN's voting system is to blame entirely for such. It hasn't been as much fun as I anticipated, and several entering have made a mockery of the voting and thus what the competition is supposed to represent. It stinks quite frankly.

22 September 2007 08:55

Rob Morris

Rob Morrissays


What did 983 people see to give bike avearge 4 star rating? Must be something as score seems to be leaving most everthing else behind. Sorry not my style of bike but good luck.........!

14 September 2007 09:13

il diavolo

il diavolosays


utterly utterly dreadful. the only thing i like about this is the tyre valve caps? they're chrome ones? maybe not then.... 4 stars over 954 votes? madness...

11 September 2007 09:02

Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays

Counting the numbers

I've already ruffled a few feathers amongst the top 50 with other comments, so I'm not wanting to get into this subject any deeper, but I too noticed a massive hike in the voting stats these past few days for this.....this......this.....strange inclusion to the 50

10 September 2007 21:56

tyrant trotter

tyrant trottersays


What a great big lump of crap

10 September 2007 18:42

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