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Suzuki GSX1300 B-KING 2007

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09 August 2007

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Average rating: rating is 3 (11 ratings)

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hi guys,

i am now the proud owner of a 2010 b-king,and i have to say the bike is absolutely awesome in every way.its by far the best choice of bike ive ever done,ive had a few different bikes gsxr's zxr's naked's retro's and sorry but nothing compares to the b-king...the only let down is no one does a grab rail for it.the bike is the dogs ######.


19 May 2010 10:32


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The B King is the best bike you can buy,it also happens to be one of the least expensive of the big bikes you can buy,there is no other bike to beat it.

29 July 2009 10:40


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If you change front look, and change pipes to Suzuki after market ones,twin dual ovals,then you will have one nice bike,I change my bike every year,but no more,not since I found the B King,have a look at my pics,and vid in my gallery,you will see what I mean.


Regards Keith


22 July 2009 16:17



why dont I want 160Bhp exactly?

ill agree that it looks pretty hideous, especialy from the front, and also especialy from the back, and the prfile is also especailly bad, but appart from that the idea of a naked busa is GREAT! Look at Lazareth's take on the Bking. much better and the r6 based one is nicer still.

17 August 2007 19:06




no, the B-King just doesn't work. looks rubbish and you don't want a 160bhp naked bike for doing 250km/h. why are suzuki even bothering with this one?

09 August 2007 12:02