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Honda CBR900 FIREBLADE 2000


12 August 2007

Average rating: rating is 1.5

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Honda Fireblade 929RRY Chopped, Ohlins Rear Suspension, Ohlins Front Fork Springs, Street Fighter Top Yoke Conversion, MTC Race Can, ScottOiler, Braided Hoses Front/Back, Crash Bungs, Customised Fairings.

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Brakes, Crash protectors, Exhaust, Frame, Front suspension, Lights, Rear suspension, Screen, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 1.5 (250 ratings)

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furry glen

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furry glensays

nice one

i had to look twice at your picture, i love it, now take out your angle grinder and matt black paint, and go 4 it, 5 stars for you sir,

21 September 2007 10:48



Home Alone

I kinda like the "i am not gonna pull a bird anyway concept" I will give you 5 outta 5

15 September 2007 11:18


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Scarey this one , l like people who dare to be different , but to be honest l think you need new mates, if you run this idea past em and they told you to av a crack, think they might be taking the piss fella. Good luck got a feeling your gonna need it more than the others.

15 September 2007 10:51

tyrant trotter

tyrant trottersays


Some f****r has pinched your riding seat and left you with the passenger one ? looks like you'll have to ride home like that it's like going home with odd shoes and socks on after a night on the p$%^ no one will notice till the morning. 1 out of 5 and thats for the Ohlins rear shock

10 September 2007 19:11


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What possesed you ? I agree it's a piece of shhiite is that what the competitions all about getting rid of the seat and sitting on the pillion ? I can do that on mine but still have the luxury of sitting where I should be every now and again ? The ratings says it all.

10 September 2007 17:45

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