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Honda RUNE 2004


16 August 2007

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Honda Rune 2004. The one that everyone thought Honda would not build ! what a machine !


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Average rating: rating is 2 (164 ratings)

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Horses for courses

Certainly big, very shiny and no doubt extremly expensive. Not my kind of bike, but hey 'each to their own' I could'nt make room for it im my garage, i'd rather have something that handles more like a motorbike than a beached whale.

21 September 2007 12:35

Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays


Yes Mark, that is my point. But you are right to enter your Rune. MCN did indeed ask for exactly what you entered, and other bikes of course. Sending the final 50 to a public vote has raised two issues for me. The fashion behind the voting, which detracts somewhat from what was put into an individual build in some cases, and the garnering of votes from outside sources by some here in the 50 being members of bike clubs and Internet forums. The only other gripe I have with the competition is I expected the judges wouldn't have put up such a mixed bag of machinery, so relying upon the judges to interpret 'talent' as something more than for example, owning a rare and immaculate Rune. Good luck. I like the Rune for its Japanese retro custom boldness, though I'd not go out of my way to own one unless it were very cheap, lol.

13 September 2007 12:34



i see..

righto, i get your point - i suppose it is what take you have on what the competition is about, and yes, the 'talent' part may what has steered people like you and others who have built special bikes to enter. i just took it to mean interesting bikes. i could have entered my Mille, but good as it is, it's just a mass produced road bike.

12 September 2007 15:39

Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays


I thought this competition was about British talent. All I see with the Rune is Japanese factory talent.

12 September 2007 15:27



oh, i don't know

it's not something i would have, but it's a machine that must make people stop and stare, and that is what the whole competition is about i thought? for people to look at bikes and think 'wow!', whether it be in a positive or negative way.

12 September 2007 13:48

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