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Yamaha R1 (YZF-R1) 2006


17 August 2007

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Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Brakes, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Footrests, Frame, Front suspension, Gearing, Lights, Lightweight parts, Paintwork/cosmetics, Polishing/plating, Rear suspension, Screen, Seat, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 4 (1019 ratings)

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Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays

what's going on now?

It's now past the deadline for submitting votes, yet it is still possible to vote - at least on this forum it seems. I don't know if MCN will exclude votes logged after the 21st, but there's no indication or evidence they're going to. Given voting still seems possible, isn't it just more work for MCN to have to count off votes posted after close of play on the 21st? My guess would be the votes cast will stand until MCN stop the actual voting facility, which is contravening the written rules. MCN seem to be playing this competition by ear and I'd assume they'll select the final 12 with similar attitude. Given the recent TV voting and phone in scandals that have been exposed, never mind the truth about the Blue Peter dog, the management behind this competition sure does seem somewhat absent. Maybe someone should have the competitions governing body take a look. I'm convinced this competition has been pretty unfriendly and unfair, and MCN's voting system is to blame entirely for such. It hasn't been as much fun as I anticipated, and several entering have made a mockery of the voting and thus what the competition is supposed to represent. It stinks quite frankly.

22 September 2007 08:52

Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays

The tit thing!

Ok, I take that back. Glad you saw the humour in it. To be straight with you, I was pretty shocked with the way you went against this concept, which is why I felt the need to respond. I see any concept effort from any of our talented designers as just that, talent. Thus I would have a problem excluding this bike even if it were made entirely of wood. For me I would look at the concept, then in my head I would make it work. The fact it doesn't actually work doesn't mean it couldn't. I like the thing, and being a concept it has no bounds when it comes to imagination. There are a few bikes in the 50 that require no imagination, nor any talented effort beyond the day some of them left Japan. I do understand that these bikes too have fans, and they deserve to be doing well if the voting says so. Nice one bip :-)

17 September 2007 22:00



Rockets Ghost

Fair enough, I'm just surprised it's the only one in that case. As I said earlier, in a design competition I'd have voted hard for it, I was merely registering a comment that the playing field seemed hardly level - you'll know yourself there's a long way between the design sketch (even if it's just an image in your head) and something that goes, stops, and in extreme cases, even corners. That long way involves a lot of compromises to the real world, which it seems to me all the other bikes have had to make and this concept hasn't (tho I'm sure as 98hornet will tell us, just making something that looks like this is a major job in itself). Anyway, no point going over old ground, 98hornet and I are in agreement about paving slabs and non-CGI girls, and that's a start. Opinions, a wise man once said, are like ars*holes: everybody's got one, and nobody's as interested in yours as you are yourself. (Not you per se, just in general). Oh, and the Dextertit01 thing: hilarious. Or should I say HILARIOUS. You were being quite reasonable up to that point.

17 September 2007 12:12

Rockets Ghost

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Rockets Ghostsays


This concept bike, whether the pic's are prettied up or not, has every right to be in this competition. I couldn't give a pony and trap whether it runs or needs pushing. What it does show is that some young British designer has got the talent to design and build a concept motorcycle of some considerable standing. That is exactly what this competition is about. Finding Britain's biking talent. Dextertit01, YOU'RE LOOKING AT IT.

15 September 2007 16:36




The lens flare on the Fast Bikes pic is truly OTT on that we can definately agree. If it does make it to the show I'll be scr**ed, as even pushing onto the stage might be an issue given its weight. If you are there I'll try and bring a few Cov paving slabs too, tho I reckon getting the girl there as well might be a little harder!

14 September 2007 15:08

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