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17 August 2007

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My old mile muncher, totally reliable and fantastic on long trips.

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Average rating: rating is 1.5 (9 ratings)

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Pan St1300

I also own this model,a 2002 registured in 2003.I bought it second hand in 2006 with 13000 miles on it,my only complaint was the heat from the motor when riding in slow town traffic in the summer.I found that when a baglux cover is fitted to the tank my knees are pushed out slightly allowing some air to get through making it a bit cooler.The only thing I've change is the rider's section of the seat for a corbin replacement,no more numb bum.These bikes are expensive to by new but second hand you can get then for half their original asking price,and they'll last for years if looked after...

06 June 2009 13:47