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BMW K1200LT 2004


17 August 2007

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Big comfy tourer with a bit of go!!


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Average rating: rating is 4 (8 ratings)

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I have a 2006 K1200LT & have nothing but praise for this huge beast. However, being partially disabled the K1200LT has allowed me to ride a large super tourer because of its reverse gear & electro-hydraulic center stand. Being considerably weaker than most because of my illness, these have enabled me to continue motorcycling for longer than I imagined was possible. The bike returns 45mpg two-up fully laden with over 25 stone of passe ngers alone!!! Its me and the wife who should diet, not the bike! We have traveled to France, Spain,Italy, Austria,Switzerland etc and the bike has only ever needed normal servicing. We have ridden in temperatures ranging from -5c to +45c and the bike is happy whatever you can throw at it. Other than normal servicing the bike has given us trouble-free motoring in luxurious comfort. The bike is the best we have ever had and its going to be a shame to sell her, but my illness has progressed and she will be up for sale in a few weeks. The bike has now done 20k miles and has worn those miles exceptionally well, its also held its price well too. If your buying, look for one with a full BMWSH, you then know everything is as it should be. Watch for slipping clutches, wobbles on streering and a smooth gearchange. Seats can sometimes absorb water in very heavy rain. Servicing has been an average £200-£250 a year. Insurance has been about £150 Fully Comp(but Im an old git of 55yrs, living in Herts) A great Comfort Touring Tool, where 1000 miles can be done in one go without undue tiredness for rider or pillion, as my wife & daughter! 250 mile tank range(300 if your gentle!) Enough storage space to take everything the wife wants on a 2 week holiday! What more can you ask?? Any serious/genuine questions dont hesitate to ask @ Jon.......

15 June 2011 11:31