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Yamaha R7 (YZF-R7) 2001


21 August 2007

Average rating: rating is 3.5

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OWO2 HAGA Rep Dream Machine paint stage 1 tune full titanium Haga wsb exhaust

Mods: Exhaust, Paintwork/cosmetics

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (12 ratings)

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What an ace machine, would love to open it up on the derbyshire hills - or perhaps I had better not, not sure I would trust myself - never seen one on the road, and I would have noticed honest!

23 August 2007 21:31



yamaha R7

wow!! this is the most amazing lookin bike i think i have ever seen, beautifull, horny i bet it sounds as awesome as it looks too!! nori haga would be well proud of this im sure if he saw it, wish it was mine.

22 August 2007 22:19