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Ducati 748 2001


01 September 2007

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748RS racebike, with 10spoke forged wheels, STM Evo clutch, full Arrow race system, ex-Factory 996RS rad, and many other toys! Ridden hard, and unfortunately occasionally crashed. More bits to come!

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Brakes, Crash protectors, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Footrests, Front suspension, Gearing, Lightweight parts, Paintwork/cosmetics, Screen, Seat, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 4 (187 ratings)

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rs duke

Neat bike for a lucky bloke with deep pockets! Bet it goes like stink!

19 September 2007 10:41



More to Come!

Doing a radial caliper conversion on it over the off season (parts are here and are mega...all billet). Also adding stiffer billet top yoke, billet crank-case breather (into Corse catchtank) and o/s clutch slave cylinder. More small detail work to be done as well, including removable air-box sides (Cam timing and belt inspection access) and Pazzo aftermarket levers on radial pumps. For anyone who's intersted, rearsets are modified Harris ones (far and away the strongest out there), quickshifter is Techtronics, clutch is STM Evo, carbon tank by QB Carbon, seat is Tecnosel, bobbins and faring/instrument bracket are bespoke items, and the screen is an MRA Spoiler screen. Air tubes (the lightest and strongest ever...I know, I've crash-tested them!) and air-filters are South African made items.

15 September 2007 16:07