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Suzuki GSX-1300R HAYABUSA 2000

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26 October 2007

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Bog standard two wheeled time machine.


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Average rating: rating is 4 (19 ratings)

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the busa is the best bike ever, so far... forget that bmw crap i say.....  i love that centre stand

22 May 2010 16:48




NO ARGUMENT: This bike was , in 1999 the absolute top bike for speed , comfort, handling, and despite some odd faults ( not on any of the 3 i've owned! they are fantistic , even more so today: The fact its hardly been updated in any way since inception is proof enough that Suzuki engineers got it right on the button, and no other manufacturer has bettered as a whole: And yes, I do have one , so my thoughts are prejudiced, but I do have other bikes, but this is THE tool if you really want to go a long way, with so little effort, anyone who has'nt ridden one should try one at least for a month, and you realise just how good it is.5 * bike PLUS

26 October 2007 18:30