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Triumph SPRINT RS 2002

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24 December 2007

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My second RS - love the engine (once a decent can fiited) and i can ride 500+ miles a day and still walk normally....very under-rated bike Ohlin forksprings, yolk dropped down 15mm and max preload on the rear to make it turn..

Mods: Brakes, Exhaust, Front suspension, Lights

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Average rating: rating is 2 (34 ratings)

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why thank you!

it's taken me down some fun roads and it's fun (and fast) to ride - i luv watching my mate taking painkillers for his wrists after a long day chasing me on his RSV!...

and it it's friendly - like scooby-doo - i've been pulled twice for speeding but let of with a caution both times (if i'd have been on a blade/ chance....6 points!)

and as for the colour...canary either luv or hate it - and i luv it too! So thanks for the comments and ride carefully! :winkie:

11 March 2008 08:46


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seem like a fun bike 2 have. lov d colour2!

15 January 2008 13:56