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Kawasaki VERSYS 2006

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07 January 2008

Average rating: rating is 2.5

  • 18 ratings
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Mods: Crash protectors, Exhaust

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Average rating: rating is 2.5 (18 ratings)

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Drew Peacock

Drew Peacocksays


I will have had the Versys a year in December and have covered 15,400 miles to date. I was nervous before about letting the petrol get too low and was guessing the range with the help of MCN's review, hence the unfair 150 mile tank range...but have since learned that when on the last bar of the petrol gauge I can get another 70 miles on top before the the flashing "FUEL". I would strongly recommend "Michelin Pilot sport 2" tyres as the originals although ok, are nowhere near as good. I really love this bike but at times find myself wondering what a 1000 would be like. Oh yeah, look up Versys 1000 on google images!!!!

28 November 2008 21:51


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ive owned many bikes this one is at the top fantastic fun, easy to ride and great for long rides 200 miles per tank is easy to achieve.

20 March 2008 20:59



versys miles per tank

ive had one 3 months done about 2500mls geting about 220mls on a full tank going on runs and round town total standard versy. My first big bike love it.

13 January 2008 20:13


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Good fuel range

I don't know what's going on with Drew's bike because I have done over 200 miles between fill-ups. And I do use the rev's? I doubt I will part with mine for a long time :)

07 January 2008 21:22

Drew Peacock

Drew Peacocksays


I've got one and its in black which I think is the best colour and although its only done 500 miles, the economy doesn't seem great (150 miles to a tank). Am I being impatient? Will it get better with time? However, I do love it. It's light, agile and quick. I'm a new rider so this bike suits fine but already I'm thinking stop-gap to a BMW GS??

07 January 2008 17:03