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Yamaha TY80 1977

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11 January 2008

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its a ty50p but theres no listing for it so i put ty80 its a very rare pedaled ty


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Average rating: rating is 4 (43 ratings)

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Remember the TY50 - my Dad brought a brochure of this home!! At the time I would have killed for the TY80 (schoolboy trials bike). As it was, I 'made do' with an NVT Ranger....

12 January 2008 17:09


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TY 50

I would have killed for this bike when I was 16! Superb!

12 January 2008 14:18


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a little info

the ty50p was only produced between august 76 and sept 77 before the government removed the pedals from the 50cc mopeds and restricted them to 30mph, this is one of the last and rarest sports moped and currently the only one out and about on the roads as well as cleaned up for shows. ( unless you can proove me wrong ) the young lady is cheryl whos dad dave has a Fs1e ( so do i ) if you want to see more about these kind of bikes please use the events section and look for sixteener-special thread

11 January 2008 20:00