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Kawasaki ZX-6R 1997


14 January 2008

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My F3. Ive just spent some money tidying her up and have still got more to do! The wheels are coated, got new rear seat cover. black doublebubble screen, Diablo exhaust, sounds great! baffle in cos i hav been pulled, the filth thort it was out!

Mods: Exhaust, Screen, Seat, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 2.5 (23 ratings)

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my f3

thanx for your comment, its such a great bike i keep doing stuff to it as i want it to last forever. its 10 years old and has nearly 50,000 miles on the clock but that just shows how good a ride it really is!

14 January 2008 23:27


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zx6r f3

It`s my opinion that it was the zx6r that set the 600 class alight the first ever super sport bikes didnt come close to the kwak and when honda made the cbr600 into a super sport it may have been up there with the performance stats but bottom line it didnt feel like the kwak under full throttle.It was this kick in the pants that got me into this great brand.

14 January 2008 22:08