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Kawasaki ZX10 1988


27 January 2008

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Well heres my beauty originally a ZX10 has evolved over the last 2 years R6 seat unit couple of cans of matt black never gets washed starts first time every time multi show winning bike lol

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Exhaust, Frame, Lights, Paintwork/cosmetics, Seat

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Average rating: rating is 4 (43 ratings)

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needs work

Hi been working on it all winter pic submitted was taken october last year since the pick where i picked up best Rat at condom rally and this year at the mad cow rally has gained more dirt more stickers and general crud (didn't wanna buy to much add on stuff as don't wanna be labelled american rider)catch you at rally this year Ratthrasher

06 February 2008 22:25




its got room for improvement!!!(MCJ)

02 February 2008 12:11