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BMW K1200S 2005

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16 February 2008

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Huge power, excellent build quality and a finish that needs little attention to remain looking new. Update to latest engine management software release makes a big difference to the fuelling, other than that just bolt on panniers and go.


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Average rating: rating is 4 (16 ratings)

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definately a work of art, have an 2005 done 24k would not swap for anything out there, :biggrin:

19 February 2008 12:12



2005 BMW K1200S

One of the finest longer distance sporting rides around. Comfortable, powerful, with a high tech appearance. The tranny is a little clunky in lower gears but this is the only "opportunity area" from my experience. It is a keeper.

17 February 2008 00:55




After 18k miles on my 2005 k1200S, there are no complaints other than heavy tyre consumption, but what did you expect? (My 12th rear tyre is half worn). Handling is very sure footed and stable up to ultra high speeds (that funny front end really works), especially on poor road surfaces where it is a match for anything. It shows its weight when flung around minor roads, but power is addictive, especially with the Lazer exhaust and evolutione air filters, which together sort out the very minor low speed fuelling hesitation. The gearbox is notchy when hot and servicing costs are high, but fuel economy is excellent by any standards. Braking is amazingly good, the best of the many bikes I have ridden in feel and power, and much better without the ABS and servo, which I am glad I opted out of. BMW panniers are superbly made but not very capacious, and the bike is not the best choice for carrying passengers. For some reason, the steering gets tiringly heavy two up. Finish and all day comfort are outstanding, and vibration on the overrun improves with miles. A true gentleman's express.

16 February 2008 23:36