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Yamaha RD350 1982


29 February 2008

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The one and only RD350LC/4L0, my full resto show stoppin, black chrome Allspeed ,Boyeson reed breathin, power band howlin classic baby..wahooooooooo


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Average rating: rating is 4 (55 ratings)

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the best

i had one of these when i was young the best bike a man or woman could ride

27 May 2008 15:49


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What a beauty

You don't often see these in such nice cond. Wish I could hear it too.

04 March 2008 14:32

rob exup

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rob exupsays

2 stroke madness

i used to tune these and boy wot fun with total uncontrolable power comes excellent wheelies and amazing tank slappers he he he great example my mates got one which we are restoring and no i aint tuned this 1 its already been done :-(

04 March 2008 09:58


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LC350 4LO

Your Full Resto is very pleasing to the eye,love the spannies.Now alarm it/Chain it/Tag it,Do not allow it to be stolen at any cost.Nows the time to double-check all your security for this bike !!.

03 March 2008 17:07


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Love it, every one should try at least once.

03 March 2008 08:47

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