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Kawasaki GPZ600 1984

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11 March 2008

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Fightered 600r loads of one off stuff & plenty original!

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Brakes, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Front suspension, Lights, Paintwork/cosmetics, Polishing/plating, Screen, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 2 (30 ratings)

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gpz 600r

yr rite! it's a bit 'skittish!' Mind you yr closer to the ground to get that knee down!! (Also if u a shortarse like me, u can reach floor with both feet!!

12 March 2008 16:13


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I had one of them...not dropped, i mean street fighterd... Can't say I enjoyed my ride, but 16' wheels always ,ake me skitish...or is that my riding??? But for old times sake ...I like it!

11 March 2008 23:02