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BMW K1200GT 2006

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22 July 2008

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Average rating: rating is 4 (12 ratings)

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Pre 2006 K1200GT's

Had a 2005 K1200GT for 4years and it may be a brute but for high speed distance theirs nowt like it, so thought I'd go and maybe update it at the local dealers.....after a good look I decided I wouldnt bother, despite having the money in me pocket. The new machines might have a different engine, but so are all the ancillery fittings, switches, finish etc, they are so poor quality I would not swop my old 2005 for the latest model outright. Why on earth has bm done this, the only reason people pay through the nose is to get guaranteed quality. What a dissapointment. I'm now looking at other makes, maybe I'll buy British?

17 November 2010 18:04