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09 August 2008

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Ive had this bike from new and absolutely love it.Ived lowered the bike by an inch and uprated the suspension.The back end is cut down with LEDS fitted in the rear mudguard which are the lights and indicators.It has a carbon fibre belly pan and front mudguard.Ive spent a fortune on it and resently had it Dynoed and a power commando fitted.It produces 145BHP at the back wheel and 146lbs of torque.The engine is pretty much standard apart from the cans and a kn filter but will at some point fit 3kns under the bear claw.Ive done too much to list on the cosmetic side of things and am happy with the result.Trouble is it seems to be never ending and am always wanting to change somthing else on the bike.Ive already altered it again since these photos.

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