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CCM FT35S 2006


27 August 2008

Average rating: rating is 4

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Small but prefectly formed, at least I think so! handles brilliantly, very quirky and a grin a minute. Plus its a small British manufacturer and theres only 120 of them!


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Average rating: rating is 4 (35 ratings)

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Nice bike I was lucky enough to have a go on a FT35(400) and the FT710(710) I did perfer the 35 as it sit and holds the road better but the 710 has the top end for distance.I have raced the FT35 without the front brake of course while flat tracking .it is great fun and if you ever get the chance to race dont miss out.  its great dirty clean fun.

The 35 is a great bike it rides well doesn`t eat your arse on long trips its low and protects you from most of the wind and i can reach the floor as it has a low low seat.big grippy tyres and fantastic brakes and corners like a dream.

I wanted the ride of the 35 but with the engine of the 710 and the price put me i went for the supermoto 644 bored it out to a 710 and lowered the shocks and forks.


24 March 2010 22:04