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BMW R1150GS 2003

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05 September 2008

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fantastic all round bike

Mods: Crash protectors, Exhaust

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Average rating: rating is 3 (7 ratings)

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bmw.1150 gs

what a bike,i did 23000miles on one and never had a problem,europe,piece of cake on this beauty.... On a stronger note, going to work at05.30 after a rainy night,i lost the back wheel on a roundabout ,think it was diesel ! and nobbly tyers. hit the deck, throttle jammed on,then hit the barrier,bike went airbourne,£5500 repair bill so it was a rightoff.                 

All this happend after giving way to a car. speed was about 25/30 mph.

Crash bar engine protectors and pannier bars where fitted but to the cost that it kept the bike more upright so the back wheel kept hitting the terrafirma.

No injury to myself appart from me pride.

live to ride,ride to live folk.


24 February 2009 21:21