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Italy Europe 2008

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08 October 2008

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This place needs no intro

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We stayed at a Motorrad hotel in Landec Austria and because we were out of season we able to hire any     B M W bike we wanted for 20 Euros a day. As long as we didnt exceed 600km !

If you binned it there was a 500 Euro insurance premium to pay. In the scheme of things this would have been money well spent. No wear and tear on your own bike. If you binned your own bike that was the holiday over and it would have cost us more than 500 Euros to sort everything out. It was a bit of a no brainer really.

The  5 bikes we hired were  k1200s, st 800, rt1200 ,k1200r and gs1200.

Although it would have been good to have done the Stelvio on my R1.

10 October 2008 01:04