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Ducati 999 2003

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10 October 2008

Average rating: rating is 2.5

  • 25 ratings
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Mods: Bodywork, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Paintwork/cosmetics

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Average rating: rating is 2.5 (25 ratings)

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I do all servicing myself :-) saves mega pounds

13 October 2008 11:50


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Ducati 999 2003. Beautiful bike

Ducati 999 2003. Beautiful bike but the maintenance will kill you!!!

13 October 2008 08:52


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definetely would not recommend a ducati,always will do and have done a japanese.they ducati's look cool but when its comes to parts and service thats when you get blown away.


11 October 2008 14:40


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I would

Buy a standard 999 and send body work off to be sprayed, Thats a R model. The body work is off ebay as I droped it!!!! Night mare. Wasn't willing paying £500+ a panel . I did mechanics so I done all the work myself save a fortune. Took 2 years getting all the part off ebay but it was well worth the wait. I made sure I got R parts as well just the body that isn't, but I think it looks better now than when I bought it :-). I'm going to do the cam belts and oil change then look for some insurance.

10 October 2008 17:12


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your bike

THAT is my dream bike . i have a zx7r, and want one like yours, with the graphics. should i be worried if its the pre 95 model, is the 749 a bad compromise... i dont want to spend much more than 5k.....

10 October 2008 16:52