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Suzuki GT750 1976

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14 November 2008

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Its a 1976 Suzuki GT750 engine modified to race spec in an IZAX aluminium frame with GSXR Forks , swing arm and brakes with BST Carbon wheels and Harris Rear sets .Expansion chambers made by IZAX and a little bit of paint.

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Bodywork, Brakes, Engine tuning, Exhaust, Footrests, Frame, Front suspension, Gearing, Lights, Lightweight parts, Paintwork/cosmetics, Polishing/plating, Rear suspension, Seat, Wheels

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Average rating: rating is 4 (97 ratings)

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Incredible Kettle

Will be at the NEC Bike show in Birmingham soon and then the G-Mex in Manchester early Jan .  Will be in Streetfighter mag next issue . Its been a complete b*tch to build but it rides really well .

17 November 2008 21:18


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beauty personified !!!!!!! back along a bit a few mates and myself had ago at production racing we were in the auto 66 club. My mate had a kettle he had the blue prints to port the engine to the same spec.{ TR 6 } as the 750 triple SHEENY use to race. We were at a meeting up north of the border one day and Ron Haslam was there on his Pharoah Yamaha TZ 750 setting it up and getting some pre. season practice in, this was before the days of track days. Anyway to cut a long story short my mate won Haslam. His kettle was in road trim with sit up and beg handlebars, What a sight it was to see a road going kettle winning a works TZ 750 with Rocket Ron at the helm.

15 November 2008 20:39




what a beautiful looking machine.a couple of my mates had kettles back in the 70,s have always loved the sound and smell of them

15 November 2008 11:53


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sweet bike

have i seen this in streetfighters? if not one very similar,top bike though

15 November 2008 01:13