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Triumph DAYTONA 955I 2001


02 December 2008

Average rating: rating is 2.5

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Bog standard but it still but it goes like stink! First bike after a gap of 40 yrs. Previously had a Norton Domm 99


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Average rating: rating is 2.5 (60 ratings)

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just like mine

Identical to mine which is my first bike after a 34 year break. Last bike was a GT250 Suzuki which I sold in 1977. Have never stopped wanting to get back to biking but 3 kids stopped that. Now have a bit of spare cash so what the hell. Can't get enough of the damm thing.

10 December 2011 10:52


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as mine too! , er...thats because im steve.g too

29 April 2011 13:58


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same as mine!

but mine has sloping lhs 955i decal that doesnt match level rhs decal, some yr 2k i have seen have this. like mine, hope you enjoying yours!

04 July 2009 21:31