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CZ 125 1976


20 December 2008

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Brought as pic shown but has been pics to follow!!!!!

Mods: Front suspension, Lights, Paintwork/cosmetics, Screen

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Average rating: rating is 4 (31 ratings)

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cz 125

the cz's are jokers thats why i love mine so much , they have had a few bad reviews saying there unreliable and slow yet i have never had a problem with mine and also mine cruises at 60 all day long which is what you expect a 125 to do. also the the kickstart is great because know one knows where it is. another thing is they are so simple to fix.


11 August 2011 14:16



cz 125

i had the single 175 and a 250 twin same as yours.I am going back to the late 70's.The problem i had was the rectifier or regulator kept breaking down.I remember the nail like key,and the clutch could be used with your foot as the cable broke i would roll and hold it in gear with my foot on the gear give a few revs and drop the pedal try that on any other bike! could strip down with 2 spanners so easy to work on.

28 December 2008 00:40


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good bike?

Good bike, rebuilt one myself, all parts available still, if you know where to look.Clever kickstart, really baffles the hell out of a lot of people, allways used to start 1st kick, will hold 50 mph all day.Big tip, use good quality synthetic oil and cut the amount you mix ,it will run much sweeter and cleaner.It will never be racing against a 125CBR, just accept that and have fun,pity anyone who laughs at it and enjoy, it's a good bike!

25 December 2008 08:38