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cadwell park" great track"

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13 January 2009

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The day at cadwell park cost me £99 the best £99 i have ever spent.The track staff were friendly as were the organisers msv motorsport.IF your considering a track day but are scared you will get carried away and crash then my recomendation is to go in the bigginers group,this way you wont feel pressure to ride faster than you want just to keep up and indeed you can ride as fast as you want.There was all sorts of bikes on the track day some bag of bolts and some slick track only bikes but i noted that even the riders that had old bikes and were riding slow enjoyed there day as much as the next rider.One chap rocked up on an old nc24 and couldnt ride for toffee but every time i spoke to him he was hyper about his session. I will save up to go sometime this year (hope for sunshine this summer) £99 sounds like a lot of money but measure this against the track time you get 6 x 20 mins thats a whole 2 hrs of riding not bad at all. I can recomend the photo package that are on site,however single photos were a bit expensive but all your photos on a disc was a fair price at around £30. Ride safe

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