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Yamaha BT1100 BULLDOG 2002


22 January 2009

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love it. Too old for the arse in the air stuff, this baby is full of....torque. great fun to ride for any distance but the tanks too small.

Mods: Bars/levers/grips, Brakes, Screen

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (3 ratings)

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Its not really that small, it's just so much fun to ride the light comes on at about 150 miles andi'm not that tired unlike the sports bike aching wrist bad back strained calf thing. I do like sports bikes i just dont seem to fit them anymore.

10 March 2009 22:05



Small tank?

Pleased you like yours mate - I'm very happy too. Bit cruel about tank though. Lovely shape and 20 litres is great!  Mind you I moved from a Firestorm so maybe I'm easily impressed but done 150 miles on this tank full and still no light. With at  least 5.8 litres left I reckon that's well over 200 miles. Brilliant!

13 February 2009 18:54