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Yamaha R1 (YZF-R1) 2009

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04 March 2009

Average rating: rating is 4

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Mods: Bodywork, Exhaust

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Average rating: rating is 4 (79 ratings)

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2009 R1

i ope da new r1yamaha 2009 follow onda's lead in ow dey ave designed da current cbr 1000 rr, for real in da engine design. yous can ave a auto which doesn't sacrifice midrange fa top end powa and be up there in wsb afta all da tunin dat goes on wiv their blocks. might evun allow nori to get off da corners betta and get past da ducatis.

i also check it ard to belive dat da 2009 can beat da 2007 model but goin to check out next week da test ridin it,want to check and ear da massiv bone engine init.

Respek and bang safe :winkie:

14 March 2009 12:56


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Nice !

i fucking hate you !

ha ha !

11 March 2009 17:09


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check out my vid on youtube named my new 2009 yamaha R1

10 March 2009 17:45


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i love this bike

this will be my next bike i get, when my stablisers come off my cbr 600rr 07

09 March 2009 20:49