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Cafe Racer

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17 April 2009

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Been sorting this bike for two years to get it how I want. It started as a 1978 Darmah. Total bitsa now! 900ss`s are too valuable to muck about with so this is what I used to get what I wanted. Hope you like it.

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Average rating: rating is 4 (10 ratings)

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Love it cheeky monkey

Real class, looks really desirable; would love it in my garage

12 June 2011 20:35


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That bike

Looks fantastic.  I always swore I'd have British, Italian or American (I know, but what can you do!), and your pic reminded me why.  Pure character!

17 February 2010 21:23


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Now that's a motorcycle!

Gorgeous from what I can see cheekymonkey. A man after my own heart. Wheezy old Italian Vee-twins stir my soul. I've a Guzzi 1000s for the road. Not dissimilar machines. No horsepower but plenty enough handling to ride around the outside of those nonces on big jappas to busy trying to check themselves out in their own mirrors. Show us the rest of it please.

17 October 2009 23:33


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Cafe Racer.

Lovely, unique bike, the kind I could look at for ages. Well done!

18 April 2009 09:14