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BBC2 - MotoGP Coverage

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31 May 2009

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Forgive me for stating the obvious but when my TV Guide says that the MotoGP will be on BBC2, the TV Info on the freeview says its the MotoGP and the Internet says it's the MotoGP. Then why does the image on the TV show two blokes hitting a ball to each other. Am I missing something, has Valentino Rossi took up tennis and forgot to tell us. More importantly can somebody please tell me why I pay the TV licence. BBC THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

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BBC2 Rubbish

You're right mate, and as a minority I have the right to moan and complain about it. So I found BBC Complaints website and had a moan at them. :mad:



02 June 2009 08:55


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Thats coz your a sweaty sock !!!!  I see it says BBC 2 Scotland, only jestin. It's typical of the BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPERATION they think every other sport is more important than motorcycling. these muppets got the contract to show MotoGP and all they have seemed to do with it is make mockery of it. It is always bumped for other sport like the tennis yesturday and the golf before that. You know what ? wimbledons comin so dont expect any racing then either !!!




01 June 2009 11:33