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Triumph Tiger Cub Sports T20SH - 1964


24 July 2009

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Restoration finished May 2009 - after starting it seven years ago. Phew!

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Average rating: rating is 3 (17 ratings)

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Tiger Cub

I have restored many bikes,but never achieved this standard - brilliant!

11 September 2009 10:27



Triumph tiger Cub Sports

Nice job.

My last cub took me 23 years to restore. This one looks much better than mine did though.

Had a few cubs over the years and have still have a soft spot for them..


29 August 2009 08:33



Triumph Tiger Cub Sports

A great looking bike. Reminds me of the 1964 sports I had back in the early seveties. Sold it for £30 in 1973.


21 August 2009 17:43