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Suzuki GS1000


29 July 2009

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Attached is a picture of my Suzuki GS1000. The last time the GS was on the road was in 1996, but I have just finished (in July 2009) a complete restoration and the bike is now Taxed &MOT'd and rolling again.

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Average rating: rating is 3 (12 ratings)

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Get it ridden

beautiful.....but ride the bloody aint a bike if you dont ride it

10 September 2009 23:47




Beautiful example Andy.I had the "s" version in 1980 when I think it was just about the fastest thing you could lay your hands on.What a bike it was in those days and what a looker.Will be voting for this or the CB750.Nothing like a bit of nostalgia!

28 August 2009 21:54



brings the memorys flooding back.

nice job mate,looks great

22 August 2009 08:39