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Ex proddie Endurance Racer Kawasaki H1


31 July 2009

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I purchased this bike year or so ago from Ebay. Having had H1's when I was a kid I'd reached the classic age for wanting all thing from my mis-spent yoof. So the bike was purchased it from the vendor in Essex. It turned out that it was a endurance production racer run by John Judge from Luton's RGM motorcycles. The original owner had unfortunatly lost the provenence of this but after an exhaustive search I found the man himself ( about 8 miles up the road from where we live in nth bedfordshire). He confirmed the authenticity. It has taken about a year to have rebuilt professionally. It's a time machine every time it crackles into life it becomes the 70's again.....maan

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (5 ratings)

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two stroke haze

Retro cool, looks absolutely great.....proper fun.

14 October 2011 11:45




I used to work for Judgy in the 70's and helped at the races with this and other m/c.
He used to live in Amptill but I have lost contact with him as I moved to the states in the 80's
Would you share his contact info or contact him with mine?

Gladys (Andy Smith)

30 November 2009 15:50