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Suzuki GT750J


03 August 2009

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Personal import in 2007 from the USA and then I spent the next 2 years doing a total restoration. It was incredibly original and the colour was turquoise. However, there was only one colour for me, Candy Lavender. I can remember going to Eddy Grinstead’s in East Ham on my FS1E in 1973 and seeing one parked outside. I was absolutely in awe and thought – One Day! Just took some 35 years that’s all but now no regrets, she rides superbly and is great fun. It took 5 months to get it over here, many because it was coming from Minnesota, 400 miles from the nearest port of LA. My shipper then had to fill his container to make it more cost effective, ho hum. I was going to use it for a while but when I checked it over before I rode it, the head bearings had gone, so had the wheel and swing arm bearings so by the time I had stripped it to do those, I thought I might as well carry on. I did start the engine first however and she sounded sweet. 21,000 miles on the clock and when I stripped the engine, it was like new inside, even the crank seals, which all lead me to believe the mileage was genuine. I had it all vapour cleaned (very impressive) and rebuilt it. All the paint was done in Glasurit 2k and everything else either chromed or plated to original. Surprisingly not too many new parts were needed but by far the worst part of the bike was the exhausts. They had rotted from the inside, unusual on a 2 stroke but mainly because it had very little use. Still, I managed to salvage 3 pipes and bought the forth one at a classic show. The restoration was finished but it then took me 3 months to get it registered. Main problem was the guys in the USA had put the engine number where the frame number should be. Many letters, inspections and weeks went past but I finally got my reg number as a historic vehicle. Now all I want to do is ride it. It’s such a laugh when a motorist pulls up beside you and says, “Your engines blown up mate, it’s smoking very badly”

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Great Bike

Superb Bike, grew up with these as well as the brit Bikes of the time. Always loved the GT750 more than the Hondas.
All the best Fella

28 August 2009 08:39