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ducati monster chop


04 August 2009

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ducati monster 900cc homemade frame with 4" over mh900 style swinging arm 6" over paso forks 8" over 230 back tyre on magnisum car wheel cagvia 125 front wheel handle bars and fork shoulds made from exhaust tubing all one off stuff made buy me with lots of help from mates first attemp at frame and swinging arm constrution

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (36 ratings)

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Ducati chop

For me choppers are all about what you can build with what you have in your garage/shed, etc.

Anyone can go out and buy a load of readymade parts and bolt them together, but this is more what it`s all about, have a bike, few mods, bit of fabrication, hey presto! Keep up the good work!

10 September 2009 16:45


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ducati monster chop

what a brilliant idea, it looks well cool and would spank a harley.

05 September 2009 15:50


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by far the best bike here. simply amazing!!

29 August 2009 17:01




something diffrent not everyday you see a ducati chop gets my vote

28 August 2009 23:47




Something different, we cant see the quality of the work from this photo, but the idea and balls to carry it through takes my vote. Good to see something that pokes you in the eye.

28 August 2009 09:14

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