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johnos dragrat 1100


06 August 2009

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hiya, this is my dragrat 1100. i have owned her since she was new back in 2000 and over the years she has evolved into what you see today. Everthing thats none standard on her is made by me from recycled bits so in some ways you could say shes an ecobike!! I have owned many bikes over the years and the thing i like about this one is that shes unique. Not to everyones taste! Some of the members of my club [virago star owners] think iv lost the plot and some days i think there right. The bike has lots of little details that when you first look you dont see and thats the look im after. I guess this stlye of bike is on the edge[ or fell off ],the fringe of traditional motor cycling but you know to my mind people like me are the true custom builders because its so easy to buy your off the shelf weekend bad boy bike or have it made for you but to me a motor bike has a soul and character that needs to be as individual as the people who ride em. ride safe and ride free

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Average rating: rating is 3 (11 ratings)

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furry glen

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furry glensays

matt black is the only colour

mr dragrat, grind it, weld it, cut it up, and matt black it, looks like theres only two of us on here with the same taste,  thumbs up from me and you get my vote, keep the spirit going and good luck my fellow rat

07 August 2009 10:06