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Diesel triasaki


08 August 2009

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A bitsa made up from Z400,kubota engine,dressed up in triumph clothes. Never mind mph,its mpg that counts!!

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Average rating: rating is 4 (32 ratings)

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Vote for this bike,not just because its a fully working Diesel Automatic that runs and rides great or that it was built on a budjet of nowtpence or that it uses so little fuel that it could av the Arabs claiming benefits by the end of the week,but because this marvelous piece of engineering is so neat and tidy that youd walk straight past it in the street and on closer inspection youd swear it left the factory like that


Watch and learn big bike manafacturers,watch and learn.



14 August 2009 01:04



Diesel Triasaki

Looks like a top piece of engineering. Anybody can mod there bike by going to an aftermarket accessory supplier but not many people take on tricky projects like this. Nice one!

13 August 2009 10:07



I know this bike, and it's builder, and to call it a 'bitsa' does it no justice at all!

It looks and feels remarkably 'together' and alot of thought and work has gone into it.

It was built on a budget, and cost less than the bling exhausts on most entrants bikes!

Used daily....130mpg.....and so much more unique than a Blade with a pipe!

It's a winner anyway!

12 August 2009 10:21