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gary redbull 998

10 August 2009

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This is my ducati 916 which i have grafted a 999 power plant in to as i never liked the 999 this was the next best thing. This project was started before the 1098 was even launched thats how long its taken me to get this bike finished to this standard as you can see from this photo. This wasnt just a straight forward engine change as the centre section of the frame needed to be cut and modified to except a set of 998 testastretta throttle bodies.Then i also had to move the coil mounts from the centre of the frame to the outside to give more clearance then i had the frame stripped and powdercoated in satin black. Then basically you junk all the origanl loom/ecu/ oil cooler/radiator/exhaust/airbox/battery box and replace it all 998R testastretta parts which was new radiator with twin fans for extra cooling a complete new loom from front to back plus a new cpu and battery box a new larger 998R oil coller as the 916 oil cooler wont fit and 999 oil cooler wont fit inside the panels Also a complete 998R 50mm exhaust system with the front section modified also 998R airbox fitted with J H P race air filter system .I also vented the clutch case the same as the factory bikes then fitted a ducati corse racing slipper clutch with sinterd race plates .I also change the standard 999 rocker covers to a set of 998R corse magnesium rocker covers as standard plug caps dont fit in the 999 ones Then i also fitted a set of corse carbon belt covers basicly the list goes on and on and for probably not much more money i could have brought myself a desmosedici but then this is a complete one off with the amount of stuff it has on it plus the paint job is a bit special not only is the paint split down the side its also split from side to side even the wheels and front disc carriers have been annodised to match. But the only trouble with one photo is it dosent show it all never mind you mite be able to se it in the flesh if it gets into the final 12 bike many thanks for lookiung

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Average rating: rating is 4.5 (221 ratings)

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nice one

great to see its made it to the next step well done mate nice to see other ppl appriciate the bike good luck

29 August 2009 10:14




Blimey,this is amazing.I've tried to read the spec. 3 times now but each time have had to stop because my brain starts hurting.If I owned  this I don't think I would breathe on it, let alone ride it. A fantasy bike,but a thing of beauty nonetheless.  

28 August 2009 23:05




Not really a ducati fan, but this one could change my mind.

Stunning Bike!

Good luck..........

27 August 2009 20:37



brilliant bike

ive seen this bike in the flesh and pictures do it no justice this is a truly loved bike and alot of love and time has gone into it

11 August 2009 21:30