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'93 blade


11 August 2009

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A totally one off fireblade made by me

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (16 ratings)

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personally I'd jail you for doing that to a 93 blade...

27 August 2009 15:54




its out there mate well done!! any more pics?

20 August 2009 22:26



details of the bike

This bike is a total one off made by me and has just won best streetfighter at the bulldog bash this year. The front end is a single sided front end with the forks running down the left side held in one off yokes. The rear arm is a VFR800 single sided jobbie mounted using the standard rebuilt shock but one off billet suspension linkages, and there's car wheels front and back, a 18"x8" with a 240 tire on the rear,  the front is a narrowed wheel which started out the same size as the rear but is now only 6" wide to accept a 180 tire. The tail piece is a 2006 ZX10 mounted on a one off subframe thats also second fuel tank which holds 2 gallons. There's one off details all over this bike.

The only standard part really is the engine as everything else has been modified or replaced. And before i forget the front end has as a twin disc set up, there's a ZX636 disc on either side of the fork leg thats mounted on one off  carriers and bitten on by the original blade brake calipers.

This set up does actually work ok although it'll never out handle the standard blade and truth be told it was never going too. I made this as an engineering excercise so its more of a show fighter than a streetfighter and but was also made to draw attention to the cannonball bike run which this bike competed in 2008(in a more standard guise) and came away with the top trophy, the cannoball spirit as it carried me and my mate over 1500 miles in the run whilst being thrashed and abused everyday.

19 August 2009 11:06