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Street Bob


13 August 2009

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Built by Rocket Bobs Cycle Works, this is a one off bespoke custom Harley Davidson 08 Street Bob. 103" motor, Titanium Nitride forks, uprated brakes, Ohlns shocks and a bunch of other parts from Ness, Roland Sands etc includes one off seat and frame mods.

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Average rating: rating is 4.5 (4 ratings)

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I worked at a Harley dealer several years ago and we had a Street Bob with a 103" motor, K&N, and V&H dual pipes. This is back when the stock motors were 96ci. I always tried to take this SB on test rides since it was the fastest thing in the showroom besides V-Rods and some of the Buells. If anyone tried to steal a bike they wouldn't get away from me!

Yours looks nice and I especially like the suspension upgrades. Needs room for a pillion though.

21 May 2014 22:44