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1942 Harley Davidson Liberator


13 August 2009

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This started out as an army motorbike in camouflage colours. I bought it in 1997 in this condition from a friend from Holland where I use to live. It was kept in a friend’s living room for about four years next to his jukebox with a spot light on it. He sulked when I said I was moving to England and taking it with me. The Harley then lived in our lounge for nine years with the occasional trip out to a show. I took it out two weeks ago and after three years standing in the lounge started with the second kick I was absolutely chuffed. Its just passed it's MOT with flying colours and I've just collected my English number plate and I'm looking forward to taking it out again.

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Average rating: rating is 3.5 (3 ratings)

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