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Yamaha DT175 1978


14 August 2009

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Found in a closed down dealership in late 2008, the bike had stood since 1993, when it had been rescued from a damp barn. I've never seen so much rust everything had to be replaced or restored. The restoration was carried out over the winter, trying to keep the bike as near to "as manufactured" as possible, with no overchroming or polising. A blog of the restoration was made and is on the Aircooled RD Website for anyone who wants a look as to how bad the bike was (look under Daves DT in the restorations section) Built to ride again , the bike is nearly run in after the engine was rebuilt and causes attention when parked up

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Average rating: rating is 3 (51 ratings)

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Restoration Blog

Copied the link from the forum so you can read the blog, if you need to register dont worry its free and you will get to see the YAMAHA Aircooled RD forum as well!

16 August 2009 01:22