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My bikes:



Studio Manager, Marketing

Clubs I belong to:

lol oh yeah, so I can fully nurd out with the beards. No thanks.

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

What I use my bike for:

  • Commuting
  • General leisure riding

Type of rider:

All-season diehard

Where I ride:

I started off thinking that my 38 mile each way commute would be a pain in the arse... and yet, I have a mix of motorway, fast A road, some towns and some back roads... actually it is brilliant. Especially when the sun comes out. Sweeeeeeeeet.

My dream bike:

Kawasaki Versys 990 (when they make one), Honda Firestorm 1200 (again, when they make a one, the old one was great), Ducati Multistrada... oh, better start saving for that one!

My favourite music:

I like new stuff, interesting sounds, but also electronica and chill out

Other stuff about me:

I cannot stand weekend riders with their useless overtaking and rubbish road skills. My time as a courier has left me with slightly aggressive overtaking, but I love it. Goodbye insignificant car and weekend rider slow mo.

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