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My bikes:



fool in the NHS

Clubs I belong to:


Experience with bikes:

11-20 years

What I use my bike for:

  • Commuting
  • General leisure riding
  • Longer tours or trips abroad

Type of rider:

Older, wiser and slower

Where I ride:

Anywhere I can get a chance to.

My dream bike:

1943 WLA. 1944 Matchless G3L. ww2 Zundapp or BMW 750, with sidecar!

My favourite music:

Bowling for Soup

Other stuff about me:

Hate narrow minded tossers on sports bikes who do not understand that someone doesn't want to ride the latest "xxxxxxrrrrrr sports bike" so it gives them the right to make jerk off hand jestures when they see anything else on two wheels. Mopeds and vintage included. So there! Especially the fool on the gsxr the other day who was sooo keen to tell me what a wanker I am for riding a Harley that he almost stacked into the back of a fiesta then yes, I did laugh out loud at you with my open faced helmet on and I am glad you saw it. Do you get the picture now? Yes, I know, an open faced lid with a Harley, what a surprise! I wear one all year round, always have since I started on the roads at 16, off road at 10. God, I am hard aren't I? Lol.

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31 March 2007
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31 March 2007 16:22
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