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My bikes:

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self employed

Experience with bikes:

Over 20 years

What I use my bike for:

  • General leisure riding

Type of rider:

Ride to live/Live to ride

Where I ride:

These days... Anywhere I can really use the puppy and get away with it!

My dream bike:

Got it!

My favourite music:

Pink Floyd

Other stuff about me:

Can't be doin' with all the bollocks. It's all about the rider. Have ridden all the best sports machines and ended up with the one that fills the best package overall. My 63 yr old dad hopped on my 07 blade and said it was the easiest thing to ride he'd ever been on. That was with no awareness that he just sat on 185 mph plus of mental power or that it could go thru a bend sideways. I don't get carried by hype! If it looks good and feels good for me, that's it! U'll still end up at track days on the most powerful thing ever made and be toasted by a rossi on a machine half the spec!

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29 September 2007
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19 October 2007 14:11
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